Portfolio Review by Appointment with Artist Instructor Bill Graf

This appointment is designed to review and critique portfolios on a “one on one” basis with both students and parents. This review will encourage the art student to create a well-developed portfolio which can help him or her gain acceptance into a competitive art school, as well as increase his or her chances of winning scholarships in national portfolio competitions.

The student’s work should reflect diversity in technique and variety in subject matter, and the review would help narrow down the ten best pieces - in keeping with the saying “Quality over Quantity.”  We will also be offering courses which will guide the student in creating specific projects that can be included in his or her portfolio. 


The student will be responsible for bringing in an organized portfolio including as many pieces as he or she sees fit, since the focus of this course is to choose the best from the student’s body of work.

Portfolios can be traditional art (print outs of art in clear sleeves) or digital on larger iPads, laptops or a CD (please no images on cell phones).  

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Instructor: Bill Graf

Time: By appointment

Appointment Length: 2 Hours

Level: Beginner-Advanced

Class size: 4-10

Be sure to check the Class Calender for closings, holidays and room numbers.