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Student Reviews

My teenaged son started taking classes here in 2014; I began in 2015. We have both been taking classes ever since. The instructors are highly skilled artists who care about your development and encourage you to grow. The studio environment is warm, creative, and inviting. I have found new friends among the teachers and students. The studio offers classes, lectures, gallery exhibitions..so many opportunities to explore the world of art. Whether you're looking for a class to ignite your artistic abilities or a community to support you on your journey as an artist, the Atelier at Flowerfield is the place for you!

Trish C.

Have been studying classical art for a year now at the Atelier and couldn’t be happier! Have learned so much....from charcoal drawing of plastercasts to oil painting still lifes.
Couldn’t ask for a nicer, patient and talented teacher, Bill Graf...he has raised my artistic knowledge to a new level!
Looking forward to many years of study here and highly recommend it to anyone interested in drawing and painting, no matter what skill level you’re at.

Linda C.

A wonderful learning experience, and very profesional and friendly instructors.

Patricia R.

I love taking classes here. I've grown so much since beginning my studies here as an artist. The instructors here are all phenomenal and the studio is beautiful. I have taken Pastel Painting, Pastel workshops, and watercolor painting. All have been an outstanding learning experience. A wonderful community of artists.

Lorraine M.

A great place to develop and grow as an artist. The instructors are true professionals and devote themselves to their students. Great place to learn art history too!

Nate L.

Man oh man! I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore this gem of a community. The Atelier at Flowerfield not only provides a classical art education unlike anywhere in Suffolk county, but they also have a bunch of events that anybody can partake in, artist or not! They host interesting art and history lectures that are open to the community - people who can afford to make a donation for entry are welcomed to, but if you can’t, you’re still welcome anyways. I think that accessibility really makes them an important addition to the area. They have a gallery that the public can go in and view rotating exhibitions that vary from internationally acclaimed artists, to work from the growing student body. I also really enjoy their open figure nights that are hosted on Fridays. There’s always a good vibe, a good playlist going and a live model. The staff is all really sweet too. They make everyone feel at home. I’ve made more lifelong friends there than I can count on my hands, and that really says something. If you haven’t been there yet, I recommend checking it out! I’m in my 20’s, but people of all ages flock there. It’s pretty amazing to see so many different types of people gathering together to celebrate art in so many different ways :). I also heard they are building an art library! Can’t wait for it to open!

Tasha B.

The Atelier at Flowerfield is a wonderful community with passionate instructors and staff.  The environment is creative, inviting and warm. You have the opportunities to immerse yourself into the world of art with classes, lectures and exhibits. Kevin McEvoy is the best!

Susan O.

What a wonderful and inviting artist community! I have taken quite a few classes at the Atelier at Flowerfield and I have learned so much from their instructors and curriculum. The Atelier environment is so stimulating creatively and everyone is so kind and open to helping one another. 5 stars!

Julia L.

Listening to Keven McAvoy lecturing about art is so inspiring, he brings paintings to life along with understanding the artist and his concepts. Open to the public, an evening very well worth a small donation. His exceptional work is also worth checking out, so watch for events and make the trip. There are listings too, for classes with artists in every medium.

Sue D.

The instructors were very encouraging and helpful. I feel more confident as an artist because of them.

Melanie W.

The Atelier is a place full of art knowledge ready to be learned. I've been going to the Atelier for a few years and now study full time. I love the instructors and their patient teaching styles. They have taught me how to draw and paint way beyond what I thought I could do. Along with the teaching they have encouraged me to pursue art, and is part of the reason I am today pursuing the field of art and not just as a hobby but as a career. There is always more to be learned which makes me excited to return to class every day. The atmosphere there is also remarkable and just adds to the charm of the Atelier. They truly have the heart behind art. I am very grateful to be attending such a place. 

Christina A.

The Atelier at Flowerfield is a great asset to Long Island. It is providing a place for young artists to coalesce and produce and study great art. The art being produced and showcased here is truly magnificent. The art history lectures and art library is amazing, and is improving and growing constantly. There is no reason not to check this place out if you are interested in any kind of art!

Chris V.

Great studio with highly skilled and trained instructors. Personal one to one instruction. All skill levels and mediums are available. The staff at The Atelier are SO NICE, a big difference from other art schools. I highly recommend for the beginner to the advanced students, everyone feels welcomed. Bonus- Meet people with similar interests.

Jeanne M.

I've been to several of the Gallery nights. The staff and atmosphere we're always great, and refreshments were a nice touch. The art on sale is varied in style, and always impressive. There is sure to be something that catches your eye.

Dennis F.