Plein Air Painting

Megan Euell
The Atelier at Flowerfield: Studio 12 (location info)
Monday, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
11/04/19 - 12/16/19 (5 weeks)

Learn or improve your plein air painting skills during the 'golden hours' of the afternoon in various locations near the Atelier at Flowerfield. 


Instructor Megan Euell has been painting plein air for more than 10 years, and will guide students in learning a comprehensive approach to translating and recording any scene, including both architecture and landscape in oil paint. Euell will help students to feel comfortable and prepared to work outdoors with a pared down set up.


Students will learn how to tone their panels/canvases, create thumbnail sketches to learn about compositional planning, do preparatory drawing on canvas, color mix using a limited palette, and practice the observational methods needed to achieve depth, atmosphere, and structure.


Students will practice doing shorter oil ‘sketches’, as well as working on plein air paintings multiple times to learn more about 'finishing'. Demos will be given by Euell, and students will receive one on one critiques throughout.


An in-depth guide, written and compiled by Euell will be provided to each student.


Materials not included.


All levels are welcome. 

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