Portfolio Development

Portfolio Development

Let Summer Portfolio Development prepare you for your future! Spend your summer creating art that elevates your portfolio to college readiness.



Come study in a professional artists studio, learning the fundamentals of classical art. Make your fine art portfolio stand out from the rest!

Learn the techniques of studying art from life in a curriculum created with the young artist in mind. From graphic design to fashion, from architecture to oil painting, classical art education gives you options.



The Atelier at Flowerfield gives you an A-Z portfolio program. We offer classes designed to enhance your portfolio with guidance at every step of the way. Create a variety of work that can be reviewed by our director, professionally photographed, and prepared digitally for your college portfolio applications. 



For students who want to substantially add to their portfolio over the summer we suggest taking 4 studio art classes. The Atelier at Flowerfield recommends certain classes for students on this time frame who wish to add considerably to their art portfolio over the course of a few months.


Fine Art Classes

Youth Classes


Drawing for Beginners 



     Cast Drawing       



     Still Life       



Pastel Painting





Classical Art for Middle and High School Students 



Plein Air



On the Shoulders of Giants

The Atelier at Flowerfield curriculum is enhanced by our Art History Lecture Series and our Fine Art Library, resources that celebrate artists of the present and past and the unique method and craft that is passed down through generations of atelier lineage. We offer the artistic history of the whole world in just one place. Our library contains 10,000 rare art history books and catalogs here to elevate your art education to new heights and our biweekly art history lectures cover all the bases, from Michelangelo to Contemporary Realism, there’s something here for you.


Young Artists Exhibition

Join us this fall in showcasing the incredible talent of our young artists in our annual Young Artists Exhibition! This event celebrates the artistic development and achievement of the next generation of fine artists and their outstanding work. Open to all young artists between the ages of 12 and 25, exhibit your work in a distinguished fine art gallery at the Atelier at Flowerfield.


Art College Fair

Take advantage of the opportunity to get your artwork critiqued by multiple accredited colleges and Universities at our Art College Fair in early October. Make connections and elevate your portfolio with the input of representatives from numerous art institutions and creative professionals.


The Portfolio Development Program is designed to give our middle school and high school students the tools and guidance needed to create a fully formed, practical art portfolio to submit with their applications to colleges and Universities. This curriculum is intended to encompass a multitude of classical art studies in order to create a well-rounded portfolio that demonstrates a range of artistic skill and experiences, creative ideas, originality, as well as passion and commitment.



Depending on a student’s schedule, timeline, age, and personal drive a student can complete multiple courses in the span of a few months or enroll in the entirety of the program over the course of a few years. Regardless of these factors, the Portfolio Development Program will help every student complete a cohesive and professional art portfolio for their applications. Ideally a student will take 6 courses a year.

The Atelier at Flowerfield is here to help make your art portfolio the best that is can be! Come be a part of our community where art is the passion and the creative spirit runs through us all.