Painting with Pastels




This class is ideal for anyone who has ever wanted to try the pastel medium or for more advanced pastel artists. Methods to capture mood, color, atmosphere and light in pastels with emphasis on value, composition, atmospheric perspective, simultaneous contrast and mark making will be covered. Classes will include a short introduction about pastels and materials, followed by demonstrations of a still life or landscape subject that includes doing an underpainting. Individual instruction at your easel. All levels are welcome.



Monday's  2 - 5 pm

Instructor: Jane McGraw- Teubner

Time: Monday, 2 - 5 PM

Duration: 4 weeks

Price: $240.00

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Class size: 6



PASTELS: For beginners a box of Creatacolor pastel sticks (very hard) or the largest portable box of Rembrandt half stick pastels are the best choice (from or SCHMINCKE, SENNELIER, UNISON, GREAT AMERICAN and TERRY LUDWIG are also good choices for more advanced pastel artists. NO OIL PASTELS. NO ALPHA PASTELS. NO LOEW CORNELL

PAPERS: Canson Mi-Tientes - Felt grey, steel grey or any other neutral color - cut in half or quarters. No larger than 11x14. For more advanced pastelists: Sanded paper like Uart, Ampersand Pastelbord, Art Spectrum Colourfix, Pastel Premier, Pastelmat. All available through online: Jerrysartarama, Dick Blick, Dakota Pastels (for pastel premier sanded paper, Dakota is the only place to get this paper)

SUPPORT: A smooth drawing board or surface to attach the paper to, MASONITE hardboard or GATOR-BOARD works well. Foamcore works also and is lightweight but can bend easily.

MISC.: Tape to attach paper (masking tape or drafting tape, not blue painters tape), Sketchbook/Notebook, soft Vine Charcoal or pastel pencils, Paper Towels, Chamois, kneaded eraser, hand wipes. Optional: latex gloves or Gloves in a Bottle (hand cream)

OPTIONAL: old Bristle Brushes, Rubbing Alcohol or Odorless Mineral Spirits or Turpenoid (in the blue and white can), small metal cup to hold solvent - for underpainting, Email me with any questions: