Master Copy


In this course students will be introduced to the process of copying master painting using the Verdaccio method, a late Medieval and early Italian Renaissance painting method. This method utilizes a monochromatic (one color) underpainting before adding color. Students will create a completed monochrome underpainting and then glaze on color to their portraits. Students will be offered large 16 x 20 prints to choose from of old master portrait painting using this method. During the first class students will first use a grid system to create a linear drawing of their portrait on paper. The class will also prepare boards by adding gesso to smooth surface and tone canvas. Once the drawing is on canvas, students can begin the monochrome underpainting. 



Fall I Monday Afternoon Class

Instructor: Leeanna Chipana

Time: Mondays, 2 - 5 PM

Start Date: September 10th

Class Length: 8 Weeks

Price: $440 (Price adjusted for late registrants.)