Drawing and Painting for Homeschool Students

 A thorough grounding in the centuries old technique of sight size drawing and painting, this course is a multi semester, sequential progression.  Beginning with drawing copies of Greek and Roman casts, this class proceeds on to drawing and painting in the genres of still life, portrait, and landscape.  This course is tailored to steadily hone a young artist's ability to see, giving them professional artist tools for drawing and painting from life.  Beyond the time spent each week at the easel, this course is fleshed out by a weekly, interactive art history segment offered by Kevin McEvoy.  In this portion of the class, students view masterpieces up close on a large screen television, understanding how masterpieces of times past can apply to their creation of works in the present. 



Winter 2019

Winter Friday Morning Class

Instructor: Wendy Jensen

Time: Fridays, 10 - 1 PM

Start Date: January 11th, 2019

Semester Length: 8 Weeks 

Price: $440.00 (Prices are adjusted for late registrants)

Level: Beginner-Advanced

Class size: 4-10

Be sure to check the Class Calendar for closings, holidays and room numbers.








  • Regular sized Light Red (not Bright red, not Cadmium Red Light), Yellow Ochre or Roman Ochre, English Red, Ultramarine Blue Paint (suggested brand: Old Holland)

  • Large sized Ivory Black, Titanium White oil paint (suggested brand: Old Holland)


  • Hog Bristle Brushes, Filbert, sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, more or fewer as needed (suggested brand: Renaissance, Silver, and/or Richter)

  • Sable Brushes, Filbert, sizes 00, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, more or fewer as needed (suggested brand: Renaissance, Silver, and/or Richter)

Misc. Supplies:

  • Palette: a varnished, wooden palette is preferable
  • Paper Towel roll
  • Odorless turpentine
  • Regular turpentine (specifically artists turp, never hardware store turp!)
  • Sun thickened linseed oil
  • A couple small jars, such as baby jars, for storage
  • Roll of artist tape
  • Some clothes that can get paint on them