Drawing and Painting for Homeschool Students

For Ages 12-18


The Atelier is happy to open new course blocks to groups of homeschool students adapted to fit the needs of your group.  In this course, students are taught interactive lessons in classical art and art history at the easel, and mentored individually by their instructors in a lively classroom setting. This course is an excellent supplement to home learning, giving students a well-rounded experience and an opportunity to work alongside their peers on projects that interest them.


Students will begin in Cast Drawing - as all students at The Ateler are encouraged to do - in order to develop foundations in proportion and value before moving into paint. From here, students can then move into oil or watercolor painting, based on their preference.


Groups of homeschool students can join any of the following blocks for drawing:

Tuesday Mornings, 10 am - 1 pm

Wednesday Mornings, 10 am - 1 pm


And for Watercolor painting:

Tuesday Afternoons, 2 pm - 5 pm


A thorough grounding in the centuries old technique of sight size drawing and painting, this course is a multi semester, sequential progression. Students may enroll for one semester, but are strongly enouraged to continue their study beyond one semester to finely tune their skills and cultivate a passionate practice in the arts. Beginning with drawing copies of Greek and Roman casts, this class proceeds on to drawing and painting in the genres of still life, portrait, and landscape.  This course is tailored to steadily hone a young artist's ability to see, giving them professional artist tools for drawing and painting from life. After one year of study in this course, students can expect to have enough material to compile a portfolio suitable for college admissions or art related trades, much like in our standard young artists program. Staff will assist these students in compiling a professional portfolio should they choose.


For more information on this program or to enroll your student, please call (631)250-9009.


Materials for Cast Drawing:


Pencils - Faber Castell, grades 2H through 6B

Paper Pad - Any brand, 18" x 24"

Charcoal - Nitram Fusain, grades soft, medium, and hard

A cotton rag for charcoal

Kneaded Eraser - a large one can be broken into several smaller ones


Good places to order materials from are Dick Blick or Utrecht.