Second Annual Emerging Artists Exhibition

Emerging Artists Exhibition

Opening Reception


Second Annual Fundraiser



In Celebration of Student Artwork

Please join us in celebration at our opening reception

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

6:00 - 8:30 p.m. at Atelier Hall


This event combines a juried exhibition showcasing the talents of Atelier at Flowerfield students with our annual fundraiser. Celebrate the accomplishments of our students and enjoy complimentary wine and hors d'oeuvres by chef Peter Baren.


Featuring Artwork By 45 Artists: Abigail Hamblen, Andrea Larmor, Ariel Meltzer, Barbara Beltrami, Barbara Stein, Ben Cisek, Camie Weniger, Carol Stalzer, Christian Darrigo, Christina Apicella, Cindy Zhou, Daniel Thiele, Daveen Herley, Ellen Winter, Faye Guercio, Fran Dia, Gabrielle Loturco, Gianna Alcala, Helaine Goldberg, James Engelbert, Joan Foley, Joan Rockwell, Joanne Biller, John Lehner, Jonathan Horn, Joshua Maresca, Josiah Harvey, Kathleen Hildreth, Leslie Barnett, Lewis Sawatzky, Linda Catucci, Linda Funk, Linda Vlay, Lorraine Moore, Melanie Howe, Paula Pelletier, Rae Zysman, Sapphire Perera, Saul Rosenstreich, Susan O'Steen, Tania Degen, Teresa Cromwell, Tina Anthony, Trish Cisek, and Vito Perrone.


Announcing Emerging Artists 2018 Jury Winners:

Best in Show - Cindy Zhou, "Hot Pot," oil on canvas, 30 x 26 in
Second Place - Rae Zysman, "Anthony," oil on canvas, 18 x 24"
Third Place - Christina Apicella, "Palette," oil on canvas, 42 x 32"




Atelier Emerging Artists Exhibition Featuring 45 Local Artists in Flowerfield Arts Complex 

December 1, 2018, St. James/Smithtown, NY -- The Atelier at Flowerfield proudly presents Emerging Artists 2018,  an exhibition and art sale which features work from 45 local Atelier students as young as 7 years old to students in their 80s. Emerging Artists 2018 comprises 63 works: still lifes, landscapes, figures, and portraits painted in oil, pastel, watercolor and graphite and ranging in size from 9 x 11 inches to 30 x 40 inches. 

The paintings as a whole embody the educational focus of The Atelier and Director Kevin McEvoy’s mission to teach classical fundamentals of drawing and painting from life as a foundation for individual expression in a contemporary context. This annual group show is held at Atelier Hall, an exhibition space designed to complement their traditional fine-art training.

This show celebrates the accomplishments of a wide variety of experienced artists. The adult participants showcase the culmination of years of dedicated study in oil, pastel, and watercolor. Included among the adult participants are four young Atelier Fellowship students (ages 17 to 30) who immerse themselves in full-time study and aspire to become professional artists. The show also honors elementary, middle, and high school students whose work flashes exemplary potential.  

Exhibiting artists include Gianna  Alcala, Tina Anthony, Christina Apicella, Leslie Barnett, Barbara Beltrami, Joanne Biller, Linda Catucci, Trish Cisek, Ben Cisek, Teresa Cromwell, Christian Darrigo, Tania Degen, Fran Dia, James Engelbert, Joan Foley, Linda Funk, Helaine Goldberg, Faye Guercio, Abigail Hamblen, Josiah Harvey, Daveen Herley, Kathleen Hildreth, Jonathan Horn, Melanie Howe, Andrea Larmor, John Lehner, Gabrielle Loturco, Joshua Maresca, Ariel Meltzer, Lorraine Moore, Susan O’Steen, Paula  Pelletier, Sapphire       Perera, Vito Perrone, Joan Rockwell, Saul Rosenstreich, Lewis Sawatzky, Carol Stalzer, Barbara Stein, Daniel Thiele, Linda Vlay, Camie Weniger, Ellen Winter, Cindy Zhou, and Rae Zysman.




The Atelier at Flowerfield, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt not-for -profit organization located in historic Smithtown, was founded in May of 2016 by Long Island painter Kevin McEvoy in partnership with trustees Paul Lamb, Stephen Vlay, Barbara Beltrami, and David Madigan.  McEvoy — who studied in Florence, Italy at Charles Cecil Studio — wanted to bring the principles of classical education into a curriculum that encouraged a contemporary worldview and evolving artistic expression. The school offers studio classes to students of all ages and ability levels, taught by  professional artists from the Long Island area. 

The Atelier at Flowerfield also offers professional workshops by international instructors, and presents exhibitions by both local and visiting artists at its exhibition space, Atelier Hall. Other educational offerings include free lectures led by McEvoy and guest speakers, a full-time fellowship program for aspiring professional artists, scholarships to needy students, musical performances and collaborations, drawing sessions at the Art of Jazz Nights at the Jazz Loft of Stony Brook, and other partnerships, all of which further the school’s mission to be a crossroads of art and community. 



Compared to the bucolic neighboring town of Stony Brook, the location of The Atelier at Flowerfield in the Flowerfield Campus of Gyrodyne, LLC in St. James is a decidedly grittier, more industrial setting. Located in a former helicopter factory, the Flowerfield campus has been slowly transitioning into an arts complex over the last few years. The arrival of The Atelier at Flowerfield and Atelier Hall two years ago has been complemented by other craftsmen and creative neighbors, including a mosaic-tile company, pottery studio, dance studio, and a high-end carpentry and cabinet business. With plans for additional artisan and artist studios in the works, the Flowerfield Campus is beginning to see the type of urban revitalization that industrial sities in the Greater New York City area have been experiencing over the last decade, as they convert from functional, factory-type settings into affordable, accessible communities for artists of all types.  


Gallery Hours

Regular gallery hours at The Atelier at Flowerfield are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. 


For questions about purchasing paintings or to set up a viewing appointment, contact: 

Margaret McEvoy
Director of Operations
The Atelier at Flowerfield





Meagan Moore

Media Coordinator

The Atelier at Flowerfield