Constructive Anatomy

Famed anatomist Professor Gottfried Bammes wrote, "art anatomy exists at the meeting point of the two different forms of human world-understanding: at the intersection of science and art, where the two fields mesh with neither obscuring the other... what artists really [need is] more precise information on the mechanisms of movement in the human body, its bone structure and musculature." 


This course is an in depth study of precisely this- the mechanisms of movement in the human body, its bone structure and musculature. This course teaches students how, in drawing, to conceive of the volumetric figure in three dimensions, through the memorization of geometric reductions, key anatomical points, and observations of the surface. The goal is to set students on the road to learning to "build" the figure. Unlike our figure classes, this course highlights the construction of the form without using the model as a reference point, focusing more on anatomical references.


It is recommended that this course is taken as a complement to Figure Drawing, but students are welcome to take one or the other to accomodate their schedules.


This course is suitable for all levels.



Winter 2020


Winter 2020 Friday Morning Class

Instructor: Kevin McEvoy

Time: Fridays, 10 AM - 1 PM

Starting Date: January 10th, 2020

Semester Length: 8 Weeks 

Price: $480.00

Level: Beginner-Advanced

*Age Requirment: 18 years and older

Class size: 4-10

**Please check the class calendar for holiday closings and class schedules