Fine Art Classes Online

Spring III Online & Plein Air Semester Begins June 1st

Classes are for 3 hours each session and run for 4 weeks


Alla Prima/Still Life Painting

Monday, 11-2pm, with Leeanna Chipana 

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Tuesday, 10-1pm, with Bill Graf

Tuesday, 2-5pm, with Bill Graf

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Introduction to Photoshop

Tuesday 10-12pm, with James Beihl 

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Portrait and Still Life Painting

Wednesday, 10 - 1 PM, with Bill Graf

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Pet Portraits

Wednesday, 2-4pm, with Linda Catucci 

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Still Life and Portrait Drawing

Thursday, 10-1pm, with Bill Graf  

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Beginner Drawing

Thursday, 2 - 5pm, with Bill Graf

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Plein Air Figure Drawing 

Thursday, 2 -5pm, with Tyler Hughes 

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Plein Air Painting

Friday, 10-1pm, with Anthony Davis 

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Fundamentals of Graphic Novel Design

Saturday, 2- 5 PM, with James Biehl

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