Masters Program

Atelier Masters Program


"If I see further, it is because I have stood on shoulders of giants."

-Bernard Chartres



The Atelier Masters Program is a year long program for dedicated art students who desire to become professional artists and who see art in a broad way. The artists go beyond recent ideas of the past hundred years and build upon the rich tradition of millennia of art history and craftsmanship - from ancient Greek sculpture to modern Austrian Secessionist painting. 

In the Atelier Masters Program, students paint in north light studios and work only with live subjects and models. Atelier instructors are professional, classically trained artists at the forefronts of their fields. Our instructors draw and paint their own artwork alongside students while students themselves work, and so embody the central, unparalled offering of European atelier training: "Do as I do."



After submitting student samples for review to the Atelier Director Kevin McEvoy, and upon approval, a student can then apply for the Atelier Masters Program.

Masters Program students move through the curriculum at a pace based on their ability and are required to study for at least one year. To further their training, students are able to enroll for an additional one to two years. Advanced, full time students are eventually considered fo teaching assistant positions at the Atelier, and based on their skill level and performance, are later eligible for senior teaching positions.



The Atelier Masters Program runs on an academic calendar from September to June. The year is broken up into three terms of eleven weeks each with one to two weeks in between terms. Students can join at the beginning of any term - September, January, or March.


Part Time/Full Time Tuition:


Part Time A: $2,112/Trimester

Instructed Time: Monday Studio and Figure

Unistructed Time: Tuesday Studio and Figure


Part Time B: $2,904/Trimester

Instructed Time: Thursday Studio, Friday Constructive Anatomy, Friday Figure

Unistructed Time: Wednesday Studio and Figure, Thursday Figure


Full Time Program: $4,470/Trimester, $13,410/year


In July an intensive summer course is offered for those who wish to pursue full time study seasonally. The same curriculum would apply to the summer session but not held as rigorously. The supplemental curriculum would not be a part of this offering.


Summer Tuition:

Two Week Course: $1,500

Four Week Course: $2,400


The Atelier Masters Program is now accepting enrollment for Winter 2020. If you are interested, please email Margaret McEvoy with a few examples of your work.