Our Director, Kevin McEvoy


"When someone finds your soul and gives you the tools to explore it, you have found the ultimate teacher, philosopher and artist.  Kevin is such a man.  His approach to art is all encompassing: reaching into music, all periods of art, color, value... Then he proceeds to quietly give you all the necessary tools to allow you to change the blank slate of paper, that canvas and your mind into something rare and evolving."

- Kittie Davenport, Atelier Student 

Kevin McEvoy is the Director of the Atelier at Flowerfield.  Having grown up on Long Island, Kevin’s earliest schooling in art was in copying Rembrandt drawings from the encyclopedia Britannica, and in drawing copies of Roman busts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. Having received his bachelor’s degree in fine art from Stony Brook University, Kevin went on to study for over two years at the world renowned Charles Cecil Studios of Florence, Italy.  It was in this atelier that Kevin studied under several of the leading figures in European art and immersed himself in the drawing and painting techniques spanning centuries of European and American tradition.  Charles Cecil’s teaching was of profound influence on Kevin, linking him to an ancestry beginning with Charles Cecil, on to R.H. Ives Gammell and Richard Lack, and ultimately rooted in the French Academy of the 19th Century.

Returning home to New York, Kevin began a successful career in painting, producing both independent and commissioned works for private and corporate collectors. His work has been exhibited and collected in the United States, South America, and Europe. Kevin is an exhibiting and active member of the Salmagundi Club of New York city. In addition, Kevin has also taught as a volunteer at the Riverhead Maximum Security Jail, where he instructed inmates in the classical tradition of drawing and painting. Kevin's art career has been publicized widely, from full page articles in Newsday, to primetime interviews on NBC's Nightly New York, and featured in NPR radio broadcast programming on WNYC.

Having a passion for representational art, and having a passion for teaching, Kevin McEvoy sees the world of classical painting as benefitting audiences of diverse backgrounds. The Atelier at Flowerfield students draw from a wide base, from surgeons to school teachers, from homemakers to elementary level children, from fashion designers to lawyers.  All students speak of the benefits of learning to draw and paint in the classical tradition, and speak of the joy that is found in bringing this acquired sense of beauty and discipline to their respective worlds.


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