Fellowship Program

In this program, selected students will be given the opportunity to have access to  an "apprenticeship" like program here at the atelier. This means students will be fully immersed in full time practice and study and be expected to participate in apprenticeship duties such as Teach Assisting and studio monitoring. Artists will have access to four classes per week, lectures, access to our state of the art library, open houses, open studio time and Gallery exhibitions. Artists will spend a year here developing there skills while working towards becoming a professional working artist and creating exhibition worthy work. 



  • A one year commitment s required.
  • Attend 3 or 4 classes per week is required.
  • Volunteer 4-8 hours of time per week (TA duties, Classroom Monitor or general studio duties) is Required.
  • Participation in Atelier activities and meeting exhibition expectations.

 Access, duties & expectations:

  • Full access to the Atelier Fine Art Library
  • Access to experience as a Teachers Assistant
  • Access every week to open figure drawing.
  • Full access to open studio time (Students are expected to use open studio time to work from life.)
  • Create work and meet deadlines for exhibition at our gallery
  • Attendance to Atelier Lectures, Openings, Open House, Open Figure Nights, General participation in Atelier activities


There is very limited availability for this program. Please carefully read all requirements before applying.



How to Apply:


  • Only students who exhibit a strong sense of dedication and commitment will be considered. Students should already have a portfolio that displays competance and potential for professional development and polishing. After writing an email describing your interest and ability to commit, if space is available we will call you in to review your work in person by committee. You will meet with a panel of board members and faculty who will review your work and go over atelier expectations. 
  • To Begin, please write a letter of intent describing why you feel you would be a successfu candidate for the Atelier Fellowship program and email to: administrator@atelierflowerfield.org


Each Semester the Atelier will review the applicants scholarship and reserves the right to revoke the scholarship.  


Students are judged on:

  • Financial need
  • Level of dedication to their studies
  • Attendance
  • Overall Performance
  • Attitude in the studio
  • Availability to Volunteer when needed
  • Overall Willingness to contribute to the Atelier at Flowerfield community in a positive way




Purpose of this program:

  1. To provide an affordable opportunity for serious artists to immerse themselves in the Atelier program on Long Island
  2. To raise the caliber of artwork at the Atelier at Flowerfield
  3. To begin a class oriented program that will hopefully develop students into professional roles of teaching and also working on larger paid commissions that the Atelier hopes to attain in the future.


This program does not cover:

  • Event fees, Open Figure
  • Portrait model fees
  • Individual Art Material expenses