/ˈætəlˌjeɪ; French atəlje



an artist's studio or workshop

The Atelier at Flowerfield was founded in Spring of 2016.


Our Mission is to provide our students and members of our community with:

• Professional and personalized training in drawing and painting for artists at all levels of achievement 

• A warm environment designed by artists for artists 

• A comprehensive curriculum of lectures, classes, workshops, and museum tours which are offered by well-known, respected residents and visiting faculty

• State of the art facilities for artists to work, teach, and interact with each other as a community

• The opportunity to associate with and develop joint programming with local, regional, national, and international artists and artistic organizations



About the Atelier

Classical Art is the Destination

The artists at the Atelier aspire to “stand on the shoulders of giants” by working within the traditional European and Early American representational art methods handed down for generations. Venerating the Old Masters while simultaneously looking toward the future, the Atelier at Flowerfield provides a place for people to take classes, learn, contribute, and participate in an artistic community.  


Atelier Fine Art Library

In the tradition of Café Guerbois (the famed Parisian meeting place where, led by Edouard Manet, late 19th century artists gathered to discuss and share their work), and to foster intellectual and artistic dialogue, the Atelier has built a fine art book library as a resource and atmosphere where artists and students can study and dialogue.  The Atelier Fine Art Library is a collection of 10,000 scholarly, out-of-print, and rare fine art books and art auction catalogs in many languages. The collection represents transcontinental movements ranging from the early Middle Ages to the mid-nineteenth century, from Oriental Art to German expressionism, from Parisian ateliers to New York genre painters from the 18th Century.  Catalogs cover historic exhibitions of all genres and mediums – drawings, paintings, prints, engravings, sculpture, and conceptual art.


The Atelier Community

Though the artist working in the solitude of a private studio has often been romanticized in popular culture, history reflects that in reality artists through the millenia have always needed community and collaboration in order to flourish and grow, to get out of their studios and talk to other artists to maintain the communication that is inherent to community.


Weekly Courses for all ages and levels of experience




Drawing for Beginners - Intro to Painting

Still Life - Cast Drawing - Portrait Painting - Figure 

Plein Air Painting - Painting with Pastels

Watercolor - Graphic Novel

Middle/High School Foundations - Classical Art for the Young (ages 7-11)



Artist Fellowships


The Atelier supports five year-round full time scholarship students in our Fellowship program. These students are fully immersed in studio and academic study while they also develop professional skills, participate in workshops and events, receive exhibition opportunities, and work on commissions associated with the school. In correlation with the new High School Portfolio Development program, the Atelier provides the resources necessary to young artists to grow into their professions with relevant practice and all-encompassing study.


International Instructors and Lecturers


The Atelier attracts international artists and scholars to its Free Art History Lecture Series, held every other Thursday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at Atelier Hall. These lectures offer Atelier students the opportunity to study the academic side of art and to apply historical foundations at the easel. These rich lectures immerse our students in visual representations of historical pieces and inform them on a wide range of topics: from our director's chronological series "From Giotto to Sargent," to the History of the Atelier Movement, practical lectures on strategies for developing an arts profession, or personal lectures on accomplished artists such as Charles Yoder.




The Atelier at Flowerfield Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation having 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.