Fundamentals of Graphic Novel Creation

James Beihl
The Atelier at Flowerfield: Studio 12 (location info)
Saturday, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
09/23/17 - 11/04/17 (7 weeks)

Fundamentals of Graphic Novel Creation - Pro Tips


The workshop is a 3 day comprehensive look at the multidisciplinary approach that is integral to making sequential art, and entertainment design. 


     Day 1 will involve drawing from the model as well as an overview of the different muscles of the body and how they relate to each other. Students will be encouraged to be as impressionistic as possible and the emphasis will be on developing ones ‘visual library.’ Perspective will also be covered and the instructor will provide some samples of correct perspective as well as a packet of some compiled information on the human anatomy.  


Day 2 Will involve the instructor doing a Demo of a character sheet in which the instructor goes through their process of using reference coupled with their own visual library to create a consistent look for a character. This second day will be a lecture format but students are encouraged to work on their own characters using the aides the instructor has provided. 


Day 3 will involve the instructor showing the character they created in a comic book panel. The instructor will go over how to break a script, by using a short poem. Students will be encouraged to follow along and attempt to break the script in whatever way they see fit up to 9 panels. The instructor will then critique their thumbnails and give each student individualized feedback. 


Throughout the instructor will provide a list of resources students can take advantage of if they are interested in pursuing sequential art and will also answer any industry specific questions.

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