Classical Art for the Young

Classical Art for the Young is a fun, engaging, 2-hour course for elementary students, ages 7-11. 

The course is organized into a series of lessons teaching shape, form and color.  Young students enjoy working at both easels and drawing stations while participating in engaging, hands on activities.  In this class students will learn about primary and secondary colors. They will learn how to create the different values of those colors and use those values in work done at the easel.  We will investigate how color makes us feel and the wise and beautiful use of color in work done by artists like Rembrant and Raphael.  Each class also features a unique art history segment which is tailored for young minds and displayed on large screens- from the whimsical classical frescoes of Veronese in Venice, to the playful illustrations of N.C. Wyeth, to the delightful watercolor backgrounds of "Calvin and Hobbes”. 


Taught by Wendy Jensen, an artist and seasoned children’s educator with over 15 years of professional teaching experience, this course ushers children into an exciting world of art that spans the centuries.


Artist Instructor: Wendy Jensen

Time: Saturdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm

Start Date: January 20th, 2018

Class Length: 7 Weeks

Price: $305 Materials Included ($40/class plus $25 materials fee)  *(Please note, prices are adjusted for late registrants)

Level: Beginner-Advanced

Age: 7-11 

Class size: 4-10